P1040699The Miniature Museum of Museums is so named because we were commissioned by Flow Contemporary Arts to produce a work in response to not just one, but three, different museums in Gloucestershire.  We foraged in the collections of the Gloucester Waterways Museum; (Gloucester); the Holst Birthplace Museum (Cheltenham) and the Museum in the Park (Stroud).

We call it the Desk of Ingenuity, as it takes Ingenuity, creativity and invention as the interlinking thread between the museums.



You can read more about it on various parts of the Flow website

We exhibited at

Gloucester Waterways Museum         GWM logo

28th February – 13th April 2015

Museum in the Park, in association with SVA SITE Festival    ps_Site 15 resized_1927 MIP logo     

18th April – 31st May 2015


Holst Birthplace Museum, in association with Cheltenham Open Studios                         holst-main-logo-header-images                                                        

12th June – mid December 2015



SITE Festival                                                             1st – 30thApril 2015

Brunch at SVA Stroud                                              Sunday 19th April 11am-1pm

Cheltenham Open Studios                                      13th – 21st June 2015

Cheltenham Music Festival                                      27thJune – 11th July 2015

If you’d like us to meet you there to tell you more about it with a view to exhibiting elsewhere, or commissioning a new work, please contact us through the contact page.

flow logo  pmstudio-logoFriction is produced by Flow Contemporary Arts

  Technical training and coding thanks to Tarim of Media Playgrounds, resident of Pervasive Media Studio




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