Museum Studies MA


The concept of an adaptable miniature museum of memories was born during Tara’s MA degree in Museum Studies (University of Leicester) and was developed as her dissertation project. She explored creative and engaging approaches to storytelling and story gathering, experimented with interactivity and the possibilities of museums beyond walls. Case studies and theory informed practice, with her  partner, Bart Sabel, and they built and piloted a prototype miniature museum in a cabinet of glass-fronted drawers.

‘Mobile and Miniaturised:

Curious and creative experiments with story gathering’

MA dissertation 2012

Excerpt from ABSTRACT

This dissertation is an exploration of interpretive artistic interventions:

  • that are designed for communication and interactivity, through
  • imaginative non-linear means of engagement that
  • provoke people’s curiosity and contribution through physical and emotional interactions in spaces outside the conventional architecture of museums drawing on experimentation with symbolic and immersive small-scale installations, recalling ‘cabinets of curiosities’
  • to gain visitors’ individual and community collaboration in the telling and recording of their stories through three real-life case studies and conduct of a purpose-built experiment: the Miniature Museum of Memories as a potential prototype tool and method for facilitating communities in the reconstruction and interpretation of their social heritage and to inform museum practice in the stimulus and gathering of oral history

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