Following on from our prototype experiment ‘Miniature Museum of Memories: Sharpness Calling’, which told and gathered stories of Sharpness Docks,  in 2013 our second MM manifested itself in an old butterfly collectors’ cabinet with the theme of WATER.  It contains stories of place, past and present, with a miniaturised mix of factual and fictitious interpretation. As visitors explore its drawers they discover a mixture of historic items, created curiosities and snippets of knowledge, memories and feelings about water and place. Opening drawers triggers lighting and recordings. Some material is from the Museum in the Park’s stores, some donated or loaned by other organisations and individuals. This is a growing and symbolic collection: we invite people to contribute, and encourage visitors to post their own watery memories, images and tiny objects directly into the miniature museum when they visit, or to bring them to our collecting days, when we record and gather.

WATER was an exhibit conceived in association with Walking the Land and The Museum in the Park, for project RIVER MAP, funded by the Cotswold Conservation Board.

It was exhibited at Museum in the Park as part of SITE 14 Festival, at Ruskin Mill Gallery, and in Gallery 1 of Museum in the Park in a collective exhibition of Walking the Land artists for River Map.

MM Water was shown again as part of an oral history gathering day held by the Stroudwater Navigation Archive Charity, at Whitminster Village Hall, on April 11th 2015.

The Sharpness and WATER cabinets have become the basis for development of schools and community projects.

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